Ready to Upgrade Your Health Game?

Hospital Insurance + Health Savings Account

A Match Made for Comprehensive Health Coverage

Combine today and enjoy 12 months with no platform card fees, saving $60, plus get an exclusive 5% off ExtrasJar Pet Insurance.

Unifying Comprehensive Care

While your Hospital Insurance attends to significant medical requirements, ExtrasJar's Health Savings Account fills in the gaps, ensuring that every aspect of your health and wellness is looked after.

Embrace a holistic health approach that protects and empowers.

Dive Deeper and Thrive

Pairing your Hospital Insurance with ExtrasJar’s Health Savings Account isn't just a choice; it's a health strategy. Experience fewer out-of-pocket costs, broader coverage, and the peace of mind knowing that you have a comprehensive health solution tailored just for you.

Why We Offer Health Savings Accounts Over Extras

Explore the unique benefits of Health Savings Accounts, and see why they offer more flexibility and control compared to traditional extras.

Traditional Health Insurance Extras

Limited flexibility

Provides fixed benefits for specified services.

Set limits

Has limits that once reached, leave you covering costs.

Specific treatments

Often limited to specific treatments or services.

ExtrasJar's Health Savings Account

Total flexibility

Broadens your health horizons. Whether it's a fitness class, a medical appointment, or specialised treatments, spend on whatever amplifies your well-being

Set your own limits

Lets you set your own limits. Funds roll over and can even potentially grow, ensuring your health investment is always ready for you.

Broad coverage scope

Whether it's a new dietary supplement, a mental wellness retreat, or any other health enhancer – if it contributes to your better health, it's covered.

Real Benefits with Real Impact

Invest in Yourself

Your health deserves the best. Put aside funds in your HSA for those moments you need a health boost, and access them anytime with your ExtrasJar Mastercard.

Funds Roll Over

Unused funds? No worries. They'll roll over to the next year, and with our innovative investment mechanism, your balance might even flourish.

Do it your way

It's your health, your money, and your choices. We believe in giving you the control you deserve.


Exclusive Benefits with Hospital + HSA

When you merge the robust coverage of our Hospital Insurance with the flexibility of ExtrasJar's Health Savings Account (HSA), you don't just get comprehensive health security – you also unlock exclusive benefits

12 Months No Platform Card Fees: Say goodbye to platform card fees for an entire year, putting an additional $60 back into your pocket.
Exclusive Promo: Your loved furry family members deserve the best too! Get an exclusive 5% discount on ExtrasJar Pet Insurance to ensure they receive top-tier care without the extra costs.
Elevate your health strategy and maximize your savings with this unbeatable combination!
*The 12 months platform and card fee free period commences on the second month after successfully opening an ExtrasJar Health Savings Account.

Ready to Upgrade Your Health Game?

Join the ExtrasJar family today. Combine your Hospital Insurance with our innovative Health Savings Account and step into a future where your health and finances thrive in harmony.